This is an Original 1962 Italian Vespa VBB Model. The Original Frame and Engine have been completely restored.

Chassis # VBB1T122838

Engine #VBB1W121417

The scooter is not registered. I have all the import documents, with temporary VIN.

I didn’t register for health reasons.

The paint work is kiln baked, spares kit included, seals, bulbs, o rings, spark plugs and copy of the original manual. The lockable glove compartment was added by my request, the 1963 VBB wasn’t manufactured with one. A pillion passenger foot rest foot was added along with list below.

I’m also selling because I want to buy an earlier model a 1954 MP6 Replica with Side Car.

This scooter is Not a Replica, I have all the original photos, pre Restoration. The price of the custom restoration with Import, shipping and delivery cost $4973.

The scooter had larger tires and chrome wheels added. So the scooter is lifted from the original. My asking price is fair and $4,875. The restoration and delivery takes approximately 4 months.

The lockable glove compartment was added by my request, the 1963 VBB wasn’t manufactured with one. A foot rest bar was added for a passenger. The Leather seating is high quality leather and workmanship.

Important :The bike has less than 100 miles so the RPM’s need to be kept low for the first 1000km. Its very important that the rings and bearings are properly seated during the initial break-in period.The easier you go on the engine during the first 500km the harder you can ride it afterwards.The engine gains approximately 20% more power after the break in. I have been running the scooter in with Amsoil Full Synthetic Dominator 2-Cycle Oil. When the scooter is run in completely you can adjust the 2 stroke ratio as the 40 miles I have rode, have been running with a high oil to gas ratio.

The bike was imported from Vietnam and customized by an Australian company. Their work is excellent and they ship world wide. You can research their reviews. Take into consideration this scooter took 4 months to rebuild with all the Export, Import and Shippings cost.

The registration process: Take the scooter to the DMV with all the paperwork supplied and register the scooter. Also a quick inspection by the CHP may been needed or not. The DMV will advise you as they have to me. I have the paperwork that shows this Scooter meets CA DOT compliance.

1963 VBB Vespa in dark navy blue

– 177cc cylinder kit

– larger 24.24 carburetor

– Quieter 200cc tuned exhaust

– Split Dark Chocolate Brown Seats

– Chrome Front Rack

– Chrome Back Rack with spare tire with Back Rest: 3 in 1 Luggage rack.

– BlackThrottle Grips

– Mirrors

– Indicators

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 1962 Custom (Affiliate link)

Location: Santa Rosa, California, United States