a custom Ducati ST2 with the original fairing removed, wires and hoses tucked and cleaned, and a new, Paul Smart-style fairing put on. The rear seat pan is a much lighter unit, aluminum with a foam track seat. The motorcycle has been repainted to classic beige from the era, with brown Ducati lettering.  Mechanically it is original, with a valve clearance check performed about 2000 miles ago and a new batter. It starts every time, right away. The fluid levels have been checked and adjusted, new front brake fluid and master cylinder, new fuel pump, Woodcraft clip-ons. The style is inspired by the Paul Smart 750ss of the 1970s with modern, EFI reliability. The 944 purrs and produces a lot of torque, although less revvy than racier Ducatis. It sounds meaty through the stock exhaust. The radiator provides cooling to make the engine more reliable than air-cooled Ducatis, and when running it stays at a steady 155 F.

San Diego, California, United States