2006 AMERICAN PERFORMANCE CYCLE FOURHORSEMAN SWORD 300 bought new in October 2007 at Ocean city MD. bike week from Ray Cosby owner/builder $39,000
engine: 113 cu.in. S&S Polished Standard
:Supersidewinder / SuperStock
Carb: S&S Super G
Trans: 6-speed Baker RSD Polished Standard
Frame: Soft Ride Blind Axle Swing Arm ,made by Patton w/lifetime warranty
Tires: Rear 300 x 35 x 18 / Avon Cobra Venom
Front 90 x 90 x 21 /Avon Cobra Venom
Paint: Custom One Of A Kind Chameleon (changes with light)
Seat: Removable passenger seat
Open primary belt

Location: Hedgesville, West Virginia, United States

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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